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Fingerprint Recognition

A fingerprint is a structure that appears as a pattern of papillary ridges formed by the dermal papillae that lie beneath them. A papillary image is a pattern unique to.

WTC2 Fingerprint Terminal WTC2 Fingerprint Terminal

BioSmart WTC2 terminal is designed for organization of access control and time tracking by fingerprints and RFID cards.

5M-O Fingerprint Controller 5M-O Fingerprint Controller

BioSmart 5M-O controller is designed for identification of users by fingerprints and RFID cards. It can also control a lock or a turnstile (from one side only). The BioSmart 5M-O controller uses an optical fingerprint scanner that is reliably protected against scratches and spalls.

BioSmart Prox-E Controller BioSmart Prox-E Controller

BioSmart Prox-E controller is designed for operation within BioSmart access control network system. It arranges access control by fingerprints and RFID cards via BioSmart Mini readers. It is also possible to use only RFID cards with the BS-RD readers. Any relay could be connected to controller outputs, including locks and turnstile.

FS-80 Desktop Fingerprint Scanner FS-80 Desktop Fingerprint Scanner

It is designed for registration of fingerprints in the BioSmart ACS. The scanner will scan a fingerprint pattern and transmit it to the computer via USB interface.

ZFlex Relay Module ZFlex Relay Module

Relay module is designed for handling relays (locks, turnstile). It provides operation with external transducers (door state sensor, exit button) and with signals of security and fire alarms.It could be connected to BioSmart 4-O, BioSmart 4-E,BioSmart WTC2 terminal and BioSmart PV-WTC terminal.