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CPB905  3.5" Highly Integrated SBC

3.5" Highly Integrated SBC


    •    AMD Geode LX 800 (500 MHz)
    •    256 MB DDR SDRAM
    •    256 MB Flash disk
    •    CompactFlash Type I/II socket
    •    USB 2.0 support, up to four devices connection
    •    Two Ethernet controllers
    •    HDD connection: up to two devices
    •    FBUS devices connection port
    •    Seven COM ports
    •    Low power consumption
    •    Shock/vibration: 50G/5G
    •    Operating temperature range: –40°C to +85°C



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    СPB905 is a 3,5" single board computer based on AMD LX800 (500 MHz) CPU with PC/104 support (32-bit PCI and 16-bit ISA).

    All components, including CPU and memory are soldered onboard thus providing high vibration resistance up to 50G/5G.

    CPB905 has a rich set of interfaces: 2 Fast Ethernet ports, 7 COM ports (4 optoisolated), 4 USB 2.0 ports, supports video output on monitors with CRT, TFT, LVDS interfaces with resolution up to 1920×1440 pixels.

    Power consumption of СPB905 module is just 6W, which makes it a perfect solution for systems with passive cooling.

    СPB905 operates in industrial temperature (-40...+85°С) and supports Linux, Windows XP Embedded/CE, QNX.
    Datasheet (PDF 0.6 MB)

    SBC 3.5" AMD Geode LX800, 500MHz, RAM256 MB, PCI, ISA, 2xEthernet, CRT, LVDS, 8 COM ports COM5-COM8 (RS232/485/422), -40..+85C

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