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5M-O Fingerprint Controller

5M-O Fingerprint Controller

    Users, cards only 5 000
    Users, fingerprints and cards* Up to 2 250
    Proximity cards 5 000
    Fingerprint templates 4 500
    Logged events 25 000
    Time schedules 50
    Match time (1:1000) in local mode, by fingerprints < 970 ms
    Verification time (1:1) < 600 ms
    FAR (False Acceptance Rate) 10-4 -10-8
    FRR (False Rejection Rate), at FAR = 10⁻5** 1%
    Sensor technology Optical
    Image size 272 x 320
    Resolution 500 dpi
    Smart card reader EM Marin
    Reading range for smart cards Up to 100 mm (3.94 in)
    Communication TCP/IP
    ZFlex Relay Module support None
    WIEGAND I/O 26-40 bit
    Discrete inputs 1
    Onboard lock control relay 12V, 1A
    Tamper switch None
    Power requirements 12V±15%, 0.25 A
    PoE (Power over Ethernet) None
    Operating temperature 0 … +50°C (32 ... 122 F)
    Housing type Aluminum, wall mount
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 160 x 50 x 43 mm
    (6.30 x 1.97 x 1.69 in)
    Weight Net: 260 g, gross: 430 g
    Certification CE, RoHS2
    Warranty 3 years


    Sales & technical support

    BioSmart 5M-O controller is designed for identification of users by fingerprints and RFID cards. It can also control a lock or a turnstile (from one side only). The BioSmart 5M-O controller uses an optical fingerprint scanner
    that is reliably protected against scratches and spalls.


    • memory for 1000 fingerprints;
    • Ethernet interface available;
    • parameter setting via USB or WEB interface;
    • integrated card reader for the proximity cards in EM-Marin standard;
    • rigid aluminum case.



    * A card code can be assigned to each user.
    ** Calculated value: depends on the quality of users’ biometric data.

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