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DIC122 Digital Input Card with Galvanic Isolation

Digital Input Card with Galvanic Isolation


    •    32x digital/frequency input channels
    •    Single-wire or two-wire connection of signals
    •    Frequency measurement via any channel
    •    Generation of the event hardware interrupts at inputs
    •    System bus: 8 bit ISA bus
    •    Delay of input signals: 25 μs
    •    Frequency measurement via any channel
    •    Isolated voltage source of:
        +12 V for potential-free contacts (isolation 1000 V)
    •    Optical isolation of inputs between channels: 500V
    •    Optical isolation of inputs between a channel and the “ground”: 1000 V
    •    Programmed time interval for de-bouncing for inputs
    •    Software compatibility with DIC112
    •    Programming of interrupts
    •    Operating temperature range: –40…+85°С



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    The card is implemented in MicroPC standard, is equipped with 32-x channels and is designed for reading the states of digital signals or measuring frequency signals with voltage levels from 3.2 to 52 V. The device uses the field-programmable gate array (FPGA), which makes it possible to change processing algorithm of inputs (or diagram) without changing the topology. Channels can use a single-wire/twowire connection (with common ground). It is possible to connect signals of potential-free contact type using an internal isolated (12 V) or external (up to 52 V) power supply source. The card is hardware- and softwarecompatible with DIC112 digital I/O modules.
    Datasheet (PDF 0.43 MB)

    Digital Input Card without support of potential-free contact


    Digital Input Card with support of potential-free contact (the card differs from DIC122-01 by availability of the internal power supply source +12 V)

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