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CPC512 3U CompactPCI Intel IvyBridge (2/4 Cores) CPU board

3U CompactPCI Intel IvyBridge (2/4 Cores) CPU board


    •    Intel IvyBridge (2/4 Cores)
    •    RAM: DDR3 SDRAM 1333, 1600 MHz or DDR3L SDRAM 1066,
    •    1333 MHz with ECC up to 8GB soldered, 2-channel
    •    FRAM: 32x KB, 1 KB of which represent a closed area for storing Bios Setup settings; implemented on SPI FPGA bus
    •    FLASH BIOS: 2 х 32 Mbit SPI-Flash
    •    Power supply: Supply voltage: +12V, +5V_STBY (optional)
    •    Operating temperature range: –40…+85°С (according to IEC 60068-2-14)
    •    Single/Multiple shock resistance:
    •    100g (according to IEC 60068-2-27) /50g (IEC 60068-2-29)
    •    Supported OS: Windows 7 Embedded, Linux 2.6, QNX 6.5.0



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    CPC512 CPU module is a highly integrated 3U CPCI Serial solution for the use in real-time, automation control, high-speed data acquisition and processing systems. The board is based on the Intel Ivy Bridge CPU (2- or 4-core CPUs) which has one of the highest performance level in its class. Reliable operation of CPC512 enables its use in mission critical applications.
    CPC512-UM.pdf (PDF 3.47 MB)

    Dual Core CPU 1.7 GHz, 17 W, 4GB RAM, with high heatsink, 8HP


    Quad Core CPU 2.1 GHz, 35 W, 8GB RAM, with low copper enhanced-area heatsink, 4HP


    Dual Core CPU 1.7 GHz 17 W, RAM: 4GB, conduction cooling implementation, 5HP


    Quad Core CPU 2.1 GHz 35 W, RAM: 8GB, conduction cooling implementation, 5HP


    \Coated Conformal coating

    \OEM with a limited package contents

    \LNX Linux 2.6

    \Win7e Windows 7 Embedded

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    MIC584 interface module

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