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DIC113 (DO32-5)

DIC113 (DO32-5) Isolated digital output card (EOL)

Isolated digital output card (EOL)

DIC113 (DO32-5)

    •    32 isolated digital output channels with isolation to system and between channels
    •    Output load 60 VDC / 500 mA
    •    Outputs status monitoring
    •    Outputs reset upon power-on and on hardware reset
    •    1500 VDC isolation
    •    Single-ended and differential load connection
    •    Extended operating temperature range from -40°C to +85°C



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    The DO32 card is designed in MicroPC format for switching of 32 digital lines with loads up to 60 VDC @ 500 mA.

    All lines are isolated from system and from each other.

    On power-up and the hardware reset all outputs are switched off.

    Output lines status monitoring is available (before opto-isolation).

    The TB-34 series terminal boards and FC34 ribbon cables are used to connect to DO32 card.


    Datasheet (PDF 0.46 MB)

    DO32-5 Isolated Digital Output Card MicroPC, 32 lines

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