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AIC124 Analog I/O Module

Analog I/O Module


    •    16x single-wire or 8x differential channels;
    •    8x channel digital output port: CMOS levels; Group
    •    galvanic isolation;
    •    Maximum voltage between module channels and ISA bus:
    •    500 V DC;
    •    MTBF: 180 000 hours;
    •    Dimensions: 125Ч123Ч27 mm;
    •    Vibration resistance: 5g;
    •    Single shock resistance: 100g;
    •    Multiple shock resistance: 50g;
    •    Operating temperature range: from –40° C to +85° C.



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    AIC124 Analog I/O Module in MicroPC format is designed for conversion of 16x analog
    signals of DC voltage or direct current into additional 14x bit code, as well as for
    generation of output analog signals of DC voltage and direct current.
    Datasheet (PDF 0.43 MB)

    16x input channels. 2x output channels (voltage). Amplification factors 1,2,4,8

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