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CPC313 Embedded Single-Board Computer in StackPC-PCI form-factor

Embedded Single-Board Computer in StackPC-PCI form-factor


    • CPU: Baikal-T1, MIPS32 P5600 core with 900 MHz, 2 physical cores
    • DDR3-1600 SDRAM 4 GB, soldered, with ECC support (8 bit)
    • Flash drive: up to 16 GB
    • StackPC extension connector
    • PCI/104 extension connector
    • Real-time clock with integrated lithium battery 3V
    • Watchdog timer
    • Operating temperature: 40°С … + 85°С
    • Weight: no more than 200 g
    • Software compatibility: Linux (Debian 7.x)



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    CPC313 is a highly-integrated and power-efficient solution on MIPS32 platform designed for the use in real-time systems, manufacturing control, data acquisition and processing systems for harsh environments and mission-critical applications.
    Datasheet (PDF 0.39 MB)
    CPC313 – 01

    CPU Module, Baikal-T1 CPU MIPS32 P5600 core 900 MHz, DDR3-1600 SDRAM 4 GB, Linear stereo input / output, Support of USB 1.1, USB 2.0 (HS, FS, LS); Power supply voltage: +5 В ± 5%

    Available options:

    \COATED - Conformal coating

    \LNX – Linux (Debian 7.x)

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