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The Biosmart Studio V5 provides intuitive, powerful, and customizable software to manage your biometric devices. In addition,
this system supports access control and time attendance modes, as well as multiple languages (including Arabic). Additional languages are available on request.The Biosmart Studio V5 system is in continuous evolution: new functions are added almost daily.

We also offer customized solutions so you can request application-specific functionality to receive a version that is fully suited to
the needs of your company.

Easy integration is available from the start.

Open and free database server reduces your bill for the whole solution.


• Access control & time attendance applications
• Support of holidays, vacations, sick days
• Multi-language interface
• Web interface
• Live monitoring of identification events
• Work time reports (more than 30 different kinds), report builder
• Export into Excel, PDF and HTML formats
• Card designer
• Task planner (SMS sender, notifications, access control devices
scenarios, automatic report creation and distribution by e-mail)
• CCTV integration
• Integration with Active Directory

The BioSmart v5 software is an integral part of the BioSmart suite, providing you with convenient interfaces for user enrolment, device configuration and management of access control and time & attendance. The software has module structure, with the main part installed on the server (including BioSmart server, database server, license key server) and client part installed on all the client PCs. This makes the system easy to administer since all the critical information is located in one place. Main server further could be protected with special tools, and database can be backed up when necessary.

Devices communicate with the BioSmart Studio v5 via Ethernet, with the templates stored on the devices (with server storage as an option). Templates and employee information is sent after enrolment to each device where the employee should be authorized. During its operation, every device sends back event logs. In case of missing network connection, employees still can continue using the devices. Once the connection to BioSmart Studio v5 is restored, logs are transmitted to the server.

Functionality of the BioSmart Studio v5 could be split into several areas of application, with you choosing the required functionality for your installation.


• Configuration of biometric devices
• Report designer for customization
• Export into HTML, PDF, CSV
• Import from CSV or Excel
• Job scheduler for automatic sending of reports to email, or text messages in case of alarms
• Card designer
• Support for virtual machines
• Web interface to the main functionality
• Integration with third-party software
• Server template storage and server matching as an option
• Feature customization on request

Access control

• Anti-passback and occupancy counting
• Access zones (with one-door precision)
• Access time schedules
• Escort mode
• Alarm/event processing/filtering
• Visitor passes
• Real-time event monitoring
• CCTV support

Time & attendance

• Muster roll report
• Schedules
• Holidays, vacations, sick days and absence permissions
• Work shifts
• SAP HR, Axapta, Atoss integration

Safe Deposit Boxes

• Management of deposit boxes
• Selection of rental period
• Assignment of client and trusted persons to a box
• Secret questions for client identification
• Pre-defined role templates to divide system operation rights among bank employees

  Light Standard Standard + Time Attendance
License type
Free Activation via e-mail
Architecture Client-server
Operating system, client Windows
Operating system, server Windows, Linux
Database server PostgreSQL 9
Maximum number of employees
50 License-defined
Maximum number of controllers
2 Unlimited
Maximum number of client workstations
1 License-defined
Access schedules Local: 50; Server: Unlimited
Access zones
Maximum number of fingerprint templates per user
Maximum number of palm vein templates per user*
Monitoring Real-time, device statuses, events, alarms, remote door/turnstile opening
Export of reports PDF, XLS, HTML, Open Document
Access control functionality
Time attendance functionality Yes - Yes
CCTV camera integration Yes
Permit designer - Yes Yes
Deposit boxes support - Yes Yes
Weekends / Holidays Yes
Work Shifts Day/Week
Third-party Integration SAP, 1C
Integration API - • Database level
• XML files
• XML over TCP/IP (SDK)
Web Access Yes
Languages (additional languages are available
on request)
English, German, Russian