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BS-03 Rugged HMI Panel PC

Rugged HMI Panel PC


    •    LCD 10.4"
    •    IP65 at front panel
    •    Protective glass
    •    2xCompactFlash, 2хUSB, Ethernet, 2xCAN
    •    –50°С...+60°С, without fans
    •    Shock/vibration: 10g/1g
    •    Windows, QNX, Linux



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    Sales & technical support

    Rugged HMI Panel PC BS03 is intended for use in transport and industry with exposure to adverse mechanical and electromagnetic impacts in wide ambient temperature range.
    The design of the product provides capability to be flexibly adapted to customer requirements.
    Datasheet (PDF 0.37 MB)

    Rugged HMI Panel PC, AMD Geode LX800, 10.4" display, 800×600, 2×CAN, 3×СОМ, LAN, 4×USB, Audio, FBUS, 36-72 V DC

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