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CNM350 PC/104-Plus Communication and Navigation Module

PC/104-Plus Communication and Navigation Module


    •    PC/104-Plus Communication and Navigation Module
    •    PC/104-Plus compliance
    •    4-band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 modem,
    •    GPRS/EDGE Class 10
    •    Two SIM card support
    •    GPS/GLONASS receiver, 16 channels
    •    QNX4.25/6.4, Linux, Microsoft XP Embedded/CE
    •    Operating temperature range: –40...+85°С (IEC 68-2-14-84)



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    CNM350 is a PC/104-Plus navigation and communication expansion module.

    It includes a navigation module operating in L1 ranges of GPS/GLONASS systems allowing to determine position, speed and time.

    Another subsystem of CNM350 is a GSM communication module capable to operate in 850/900/1800/1900 frequency ranges; it supports two SIMcards, CSD and GPRS/EDGE technologies for data and voice transmission.
    Datasheet (PDF 0.31 MB)
    CNM350manual.pdf (PDF 0.8 MB)

    PC/104 module Quad-band GSM GPRS/EDGE-enabled module with GPS/GLONASS Receiver


    PC/104 communication module GSM GPRS/EDGE


    PC/104 navigation module GPS / GLONASS

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