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BioSmart Prox-E Controller

BioSmart Prox-E Controller

    Number of users* 30 000
    Number of proximity cards 100 000
    Number of time groups 50
    Power supply 12V±15%, 0,4A
    Power relay outputs (NC, С, NO outputs) 2
    Power rating of power relays 12-24V, 7А
    Readers Up to 4
    Interface to readers RS-485, Wiegand
    Outputs (Wiegand or discrete output) 2
    Discrete inputs 6
    Communication interface with computer Ethernet, (IEEE 802.3, 10BASE-T, IEEE 802.3u, 100BASE-TX)
    Operating temperature 0 to +50 °C
    Case type Prox-E Laid-on plastic
    Case type Prox-EX Laid-on steel case
    Dimensions Prox-E (W x L x H) 145 х 100 х 40 mm
    Dimensions Prox-EX (W x L x H) 312 х 100 х 312 mm
    Weight Net:190 g; gross:275 g
    Weight Net:900 g; gross:1 kg
    Warranty 3 years


    Sales & technical support

    BioSmart Prox-E controller is designed for operation within BioSmart access control network system. It arranges access control by fingerprints and RFID cards via BioSmart Mini readers. It is also possible to use only RFID cards with the BS-RD readers. Any relay could be connected to controller outputs, including locks and turnstile.


    • up to 30 000 users in local mode;
    • ability of operation in server identification mode (cards, fingerprints);
    • simultaneous connection of BioSmart Mini and BS-RD readers (up to four devices);
    • handling two locks or a turnstile.

    Operating Modes

    • Time zones – 64 time groups, 5 intervals per day, 32 holidays;
    • Gateway– two-stroke mode with stopping for inspection of a person entering;
    • Anti-Passback – prohibit second entry;
    • Card Receiver mode – several scanners for one passage direction;
    • Pass with Accompanying Person – a visitor has right for access only when he(she) is authorized by the accompanying person, division of users into “guides” and “guided”;
    • integration with security and fire alarm systems, door locking when a premise is set under guard, unlocking of doors in the case of fire alarm.


    * A card code can be assigned to each user.

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