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CPC1302 Mezzanine COM Express Basic Intel BroadWell-H 47W CPU Module

Mezzanine COM Express Basic Intel BroadWell-H 47W CPU Module


    •    64-x bit Intel BroadWell-H 47W 13 nm (37W CTDP)
    •    5th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 Processor
          or Intel Core i5-4422E 4th Gen 25W 22nm (Haswell Refresh)
    •    PCH Intel QM87
    •    Switching output voltages/currents 60 V/ 500 mA
          (by differential load connection)
    •    LED indication of requests (addressing)
    •    Maximum switch on/switch off time: 3 ms
    •    Galvanic isolation of inputs between channels: 500 V
    •    Galvanic isolation of inputs between a channel
          and the “ground”: 1000 V
    •    Control of output states (before insulation)
    •    Six separated lines of hardware interrupts
    •    Software compatibility with: FDOS, FreeDOS



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    CPC 1302 Mezzanine COM Express Basic CPU Module is compatible with the x86 family. CPC1302 is used mainly as a compute core (which also has a wide range of I/O interfaces) while building real-time systems, onboard systems, security and communication tools, production control and high-speed data acquisition equipment as well as for other mission critical applications, designed for operation in harsh environments. Connection with carrier-board is carried out via two standard two-row
    high-density connectors (COM Express Type 6 Connector, SMT, 220 pin).
    Datasheet (PDF 0.75 MB)
    CPC1302-UM_.pdf (PDF 3.5 MB)

    COM Express Module, type 6, Intel Core i5 4th 1.6 GHz


    COM Express Module, type 6, Intel Broadwell-H


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