Các Giải pháp Đáng tin cậy cao cho những Ứng dụng Quan trọng Nhạy cảm và Hoạt động trong Môi trường Khắc nghiệt
Biometric Solutions
Prosoft Biometrics, being a part of Fastwel group specializes on the development and manufacturing of biometric solutions, based on palm vein and on fingerprint recognition technologies for access control and/or time and attendance applications for any size of the project.

Why Choose Biometric Solutions From Prosoft Biometrics?

Solutions developed with network support in mind – IP-enabled
Devices continue operation when network is not available – fail-safe
Hardware and software come from one company – integrated approach
Fingerprint or palm vein recognition technologies – optimal choice of biometrics
Third-party extension capabilities – open for integration

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