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VIM554 3U CPCI Audio / Video Input Module

3U CPCI Audio / Video Input Module


    •    Form-factor: PICMG CPCI-S.0 R1.0 CompactPCI® Serial Specification 3U;
    •    System bus: PCI Express x4;
    •    LED-indication of module’s operation modes;
    •    Power supply: Supplying voltage: +12.0 V, consumed current: no more than 0.8 A;
    •    Vibration resistance: 5g;
    •    Single/multiple shock resistance: 100g/50g;
    •    Dimensions: No more than 130.5 mm х 213.0 mm х 20.32 mm (WxDxH);
    •    Weight: VIM554-01-R1: 320 g, VIM554-02-R1: 380 g;
    •    Operating temperature range: Industrial version: from –40°C to +85°C;
    •    MTBF: 100 000 hours;
    •    OS: Windows 7 (Embedded) 32/64 bit; Linux 3.2.0.



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    VIM554 Audio/Video Input Module is implemented in CPCI-S.0 3U standard with support of rear I/O modules. The module is designed for reception of standard definition analog video signals (SDTV) and voice audio signals, their conversion to digital form and their entry into PC system memory.
    VIM554 05.pdf (PDF 0.46 MB)

    4x audio (mono) and 4x video hannels, Weight: no more than 320 g;


    8x audio (mono) and 8x video channels, Weight: no more than 380 g.


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