Các Giải pháp Đáng tin cậy cao cho những Ứng dụng Quan trọng Nhạy cảm và Hoạt động trong Môi trường Khắc nghiệt


Fastwel Expanded its Lineup of Industrial Servers with New GS-212С-S2 and GS-208C-E1 Models

Fastwel has released brand-new server models - GS-212C-S2 and GS-208C-E1. Both products are based on the relevant and available components, demonstrate good scalability and high fault tolerance.


CPC310 - PC/104-Plus Intel Atom E38xx SBC launch

Fastwel announces the mass production of CPU module in PC/104-Plus format, intended for building real-time control systems, onboard systems, safety and communication features, fast data acquisition facilities and those aimed at other demanding applications in harsh environments.


Fastwel Became Official Partner of Xilinx

Fastwel joined the Xilinx Alliance Programm, thereby becoming an official partner of Xilinx – a company that manufactures programmable logic integrated circuits.


Rugged PC/104 Baikal-T1 SBC for building communications infrastructure of Process Control Systems

By Nina Kuzmina

This news covers FASTWEL embedded computers manufactured on the basis of the new Russian-built CPUs. It also contains information on technical features and advantages of the new Russian-made CPU Baikal-T1, built on dual MIPS processor cores.


Fastwel Continues to Manufacture Modules Based on AMD LX800 CPUs

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. has extended the availability of LX800 CPU. This CPU version will be sold and supported up to and including the fourth quarter of 2019.


Multipurpose Digital I/O Module DIC324

DIC324 digital I/O module is implemented in PC/104+ format.


Application of General Industrial Standards for Building Spaceborne Computer Systems

by Alexey Medvedev

The COTS technology extensively used in the special-purpose developments is a great tool to reduce time and money expenditures. The article focuses on experience in COTS application for the creation of onboard computing systems in space vehicles.


Module COM Express СРС1302 – More Power, More Capabilities

Fastwel launches its new high-performance computer module CPC1302 based on the Intel 5th Generation CPUs (“Broadwell”).


DIC551 – a Golden Key to Open the Doors of the CompactPCI Serial World

Many equipment manufacturers, who want to meet the requirements of the modern technical level, consider the CompactPCI Serial standard a rather attractive solution.


Sản phẩm Đầu Bảng của Dàn Modules CPU dạng PC/104 Siêu Bền của Chúng tôi là – CPC310.

Range of Fastwel PC/104-Plus modules was expended with CPC310 -  Intel Atom Bay Trail multicore based SBC designed for marine applications.  


Module VIM554 Thu Hình và Tiếng

Fastwel hân hạnh giới thiệu một phiên bản mới mở rộng khả năng của Module VIM554 bắt audio/video dạng 3U CPCI S.0, được thiết kế để dùng trong ngành hỏa xa, đóng tàu và những ứng dụng quan trọng khác. VIM554 được sản xuất cho nhu cầu thu tín hiệu Analog Video Chuẩn (SDTV) và giọng nói, chuyển đổi thành dạng số và đưa vào bộ nhớ máy tính.


Module Giao Tiếp CAN Siêu Bền cho các hệ thống điều khiển tự động trên xe chuyên dụng – NIM355

Module Giao Diện StackPC-PCI: NIM355 – được chế tạo cho các hệ thống điều khiển tự động của xe chuyên dụng và mở rộng thêm nhiều tính năng của các CPU modules (Ví dụ: CPB909), phát triển trên chuẩn StackPC, PCI/104 hoặc PCI/104-Express standards.


MicroPC System Upgrade with Vortex 86DX 600 MHz based CPU Module CPC152

Nowadays, Fastwel is the one that keeps producing Rugged Micro PC modules. If you have task related to the MicroPC system upgrade - this press-release might be interesting for you.


StackPC-PCI Power Supply Module PS352

The Power Supply Module PS352 is a board in StackPC-PCI form-factor and is a follow-up of the range of Fastwel StackPC modules.


Rugged Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch NM350

NM350 Gigabit Network Switch is a complete device with six Ethernet channels (4x ports with PoE support), designed for the use in the data acquisition and processing systems, operating in harsh environments.


3.5" Intel Atom E38xx-based SBC CPB909 with StackPC Expansion Connector

CPB909 Module is an embedded single-board in 3,5” format and it is designed for embedded applications, requiring high performance and low power consumption.


Fastwel Enters the Market of Telecommunications Equipment

Network Embedded Module NIM354 is designed for the use in embedded data acquisition and processing systems, operating in harsh environments and built based on Gigabit Ethernet interface, with a possibility to connect devices supporting PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology, where power is supplied over Ethernet data transfer lines.


PoE Technology to Use with Fastwel Equipment

An architecture of Ethernet-based distribution systems, where terminal devices (mainly video surveillance cameras) use the same cable for power supply, has gained popularity.


3U CompactPCI Module Xử Lý Ảnh – Giải pháp cho 3 Ứng Dụng

Module mới VIM556 dạng 3U CompactPCI Xử Lý Ảnh cho phép Fastwel mở rộng tầm ảnh hưởng bổ xung cho dàn board mạch có liên quan đến xử lý ảnh dạng chuẩn 3U CompactPCI Serial 


“Sure-Cut® Meter” based on Fastwel rugged PC/104-Plus Intel Atom N450/D510 SBC

Oil & Gas industry: Wellhead, Heavy Oil and Subsea applications.


CPU-based control system for oil and gas pipeline heaters

The system is implemented on the basis of MicroPC processor Module CPC150*** from Fastwel (the module has been updated up to СРС152).


Price Reduction for MicroPC CPU Module CPC152

Fastwel announces the price reduction for СРС152 CPU module in MicroPC format.


Octagon MicroPC System Upgrade Using Fastwel CPC152 Vortex 86DX 600MHz Embedded Module

Upgrade your Octagon MicroPC System using Fastwel’s new CPC152 Vortex 86DX 600MHz Embedded Module. Low power consumption (5.5W). Windows 2000, XP Embedded, CE, QNX 4.25/6.3x, RTOS32 and Linux support.


New eMMC card, SATA Express and PCIe products from Innodisk

eMMC is the standard type of flash used in portable devices but the BGA form factor brings with it limitations. With the card design compatible with SD slot, there will be no more BGA soldering quality issue.


6U CPCI (PICMG 2.0, 2.1, 2.16) Intel Core I7-3555 LE, 2,5 GHz CPU module - the rugged heart of your sonar system

Highly Efficient Multiprocessor Computers for Special Purpose Applications. The article describes a new rugged computer (-40C-+85C) for applications in sonar platforms, based on 6U CPCI (PICMG 2.0, 2.1, 2.16) Intel Core i7 CPU Module CPC503 developed by Fastwel.


СРС1311 - a new COM Express® mini format (Type 10), based on Bay Trail. Small and compact solution with powerful capabilities.

Range of Fastwel COM-modules was expanded with a new CPC1311 module in COM Express® mini format (Type 10).


High integrity CompactPCI S.0 Intel Core i7 based conduction cooled solution for your mission critical application

CPC510 CPU module is developed for customers as the high integrity solution in CPCI Serial 3U form-factor with a purpose of use in real-time, control and high-speed data acquisition and processing systems.


Multiple opportunities for expanding systems in StackPC and PCI104-Express formats

New interface module Fastwel KIC301 is developed to extend the functionality of the CPU modules used in harsh environments and mission-critical applications.


New Principles of IMA System Implementation Based on Fastwel CPB906 Mezzanine COM Module

Consideration here is given to Fastwel experience in designing modules in 3U VITA 46/48 format with PCI Express interface for the use in the scalable crate, as well as to peculiarities of the CPU module implementation with PCI Express system bus on the basis of Fastwel CPB906 mezzanine COM module with PCI.


СРС503-02 – New generation, new opportunities

CPC503 Module based on the 3rd Generation of Intel Core CPU is available for ordering.


Build you On-board System with MK308 from Fastwel

Range of Fastwel onboard computers was extended by MK308 Box PC.


Fastwel: PCI-Express is now departing from PC/104 station. The developers are asked to take their seats…

СРС309 CPU board is now available in StackPC-PCI form factor. It is designed for developers of on-board equipment in РС104/РС104-Plus standards, which stipulate high speed and performance.


Fastwel: New Rugged 3U CompactPCI® Serial board based on Intel Core i7 CPU –CPC510

5 Key innovations implemented in rugged CPC510 SBC.


СРС508 – the expanded CompactPCI

Fastwel® Company represents СРС508 processor board in CompactPCI®PlusIO 3U format – a CPU board for generating highly reliable embedded monitoring and control systems balanced over a set of parameters.


New Fastwel PC/104-Plus Intel Atom N450/D510 based SBC - CPC308. Get a Quote Now!

Fastwel CPC308 – SBC with low heat emission, integrated graphics and wide range of communication interfaces.


New low-voltage PC/104-Plus SBCs and features-rich peripheral modules

Two new Fastwel PC/104-Plus single board computers – CPC306 and CPC307 are available for ordering now.