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ISA-8 mounting cage for MicroPC
ICC19x   ISA-8 mounting cage for MicroPC

ISA-8 mounting cage for MicroPC


    •    Compatible with Octagon 51xx series power supplies
    •    Compatible with all MicroPC modules
    •    4-side modules fixation



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    The ICC19x card cages provide three-sides fixing of cards. Moreover, to further improve mechanical stability, an additional fixing plates can be used. The plates are supplied with each of the card cages.

    The passive backplane with ISA sockets is installed on the back side of the cage.

    The slots spacing is 22.86 mm (9/10 in).There are openings on the side walls for fastening of power supply unit or other accessories. Mounting a 51xx-series power supply unit on the side wall increases unit width by 50.8 mm (2").
    Datasheet (PDF 0.07 MB)
    ICC19x_manual.pdf (PDF 0.39 MB)

    ISA-8 card cage MicroPC, 4 slots, rear mount


    ISA-8 card cage MicroPC, 8 slots, rear mount


    ISA-8 card cage MicroPC, 12 slots, rear mount


    ISA-8 card cage MicroPC, 3 slots, table mount


    ISA-8 card cage MicroPC, 6 slots, wall mount

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