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End of life products

This section contains information about the End of Life products which have a limited availability and are to be discontinued within a certain period of time.
Please discuss your special requirements for these products with our managers.

CPB902 CPB902 - 3,5" Highly Integrated Low Power SBC

CPB902 is a sub-compact single board computer with full PC functionality. The board is based on STPC Vega CPU 200 MHz and 32/128 MB of SDRAM.

CPC508 CPC508 - 3U Compact PCI Intel Atom based CPU board

CPC508 is a PICMG 2.30 "CompactPCI Plus" compliant 3U module based on Intel® Atom™ N450 or D510 and ICH8M chipset. Due to the low power architecture of the Intel® Atom™ processor, the CPU card has a low power consumption and high performance. A specially outlined heat sink efficiently takes away the heat from the board, even at the extended temperature range.

CPC504 CPC504 - Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 3U CompactPCI SBC

CPC504 is a CompactPCI PICMG 2.0 compliant host processor module based on low power dual core Intel Сore 2 Duo CPUs.

CPC1301 CPC1301 - PICMG COM Express Type II Module based on Intel® Core® 2 Duo (EOL)

СРС1301 is a PICMG COM Express Module with size 95×125 mm (Basic format).

CPC506 CPC506 - СPCI 3U 8HP CPU Module

CPC506 is a PICMG 2.30 "CompactPCI Plus" compliant 3U module based on Intel Сore 2 Duo CPUs (from long term manufacturing program)

CPC1600 CPC1600 - PC/104-Plus Intel® Pentium® M SBC (EOL)

СРС1600 is a РС/104-Plus single board computer designed for mission critical embedded systems. The board is based on Intel® Pentium® M processor up to 2.0 GHz, 915GM & ICH6M chipset.

CPC501 CPC501 - 6U CompactPCI Pentium® M SBC (EOL)

Fastwel CompactPCI 6U module CPC501 is an ideal platform for mission critical applications. Main target markets are telecommunications, industry, factory automation and power.

CPC502 CPC502 - 3U CompactPCI Pentium® M SBC (EOL)

Fastwel CompactPCI 3U module CPC502 is very compact and robust. Target markets - avionics, transport, factory automation, process control and telecommunications.

CPC600 CPC600 - 6U VME64/VME64x/2eSST Intel® Pentium® M SBC (EOL)

VME processor board based on Intel® Pentium® M CPUs, and Tundra Semiconductor Tsi148 VME bridging silicon.

CPC800 CPC800 - EPIC Intel® Pentium® M SBC (EOL)

CPC800 is a compact single board computer in EPIC form-factor. The board is based on Intel® Pentium® M processor up to 1.8 GHz and up to 1 GB of DDR SDRAM.

CPC801 CPC801 - Modification of CPC800 single board computer(EOL)

CPC801 has the same architecture and key components as CPC800, but with all front panel interfaces available through pin header connectors on a board.

DIC110 (UNIOxx-5) DIC110 (UNIOxx-5) - Programmable I/O card (EOL)

The modules are 96/48-channel digital I/O MicroPC add-on cards.

DIC112 (DI32-5) DIC112 (DI32-5) - Isolated digital input card (EOL)

The DI32 card is designed in MicroPC format and accepts 32 isolated digital or frequency inputs.

DIC113 (DO32-5) DIC113 (DO32-5) - Isolated digital output card (EOL)

The DO32 card is designed in MicroPC format for switching of 32 isolated digital lines.

UNIOxx-5 UNIOxx-5 - Programmable I/O Card, PC/104 format

The UNIO96/48-5 are 96/48-channel digital I/O PC/104 add-on cards.

UNIO96-1 UNIO96-1 - Multipurpose I/O Card

The module is a 96-channel digital I/O card in MicroPC format.