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3U CPCI Serial Elbrus CPU Module
CPC514 3U CPCI Serial Elbrus CPU Module

3U CPCI Serial Elbrus CPU Module


    • VLIW-based CPU of Elbrus architecture (up to 800 MHz)
    • DDR3 SDRAM 1600 MHz with ЕСС support 8 GB, soldered, 2x channel
    • Flash BIOS: 64 Mb SPI-Flash
    • USB 2.0 ports: 2x ports are routed to the front panel connectors,
    • 7x ports are routed to J3 CPCI Serial connector
    • Humidity: up to 80%, no condensation; up to 98%,
    • no condensation, for /Coated option
    • Operating temperature range: from –40 to + 85°C
    • Software compatibility: Elbrus OS; KPDA. 10964-01 OS
    • MTBF: no less than 80 000 h



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    CPC514 CPU Module is made in CPCI Serial 3U form-factor and is a highly integrated solution based on the Elbrus
    domestic platform. CPC514 is designed for the use in realtime systems, manufacturing control systems and other systems for data acquisition and processing, which are used in harsh environments and require high reliability, information security and flexibility while supporting various extension interfaces.
    Datasheet (PDF 0.87 MB)

    CPCI Serial 3U/4HP module with four core CPU 600 MHZ, 8 GB RAM, or operation in the industrial temperature range


    CPCI Serial 3U/5HP module, with four core CPU 600 MHz, 8 GB RAM, with conduction cooling


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